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BMW Z4 Roadster : E85

Prepare to be obsessed : (by BMW)

Create an idea and it will live for a moment. Touch the senses and it becomes timeless. This is what makes the BMW Z4 so immensely compelling: it is a vehicle that was created to excite every sense. Its unique design and premium-quality craftsmanship will fascinate you. Its brilliant handling and splendid performance will exhilarate you. Every time you experience it: the BMW Z4 will provide you with extraordinary moments of unforgettable pleasure. For all your senses.

Lust object : (by BMW)

The BMW Z4 effortlessly bridges two worlds. It is a classic roadster. And it is a charismatic vision of the future. The sweeping curve of the bonnet, the long wheelbase and low-set seats identify the Z4 as a pure-bred sports car. But more than this: the Z4 is an experience that delights the senses. Convex and concave surfaces play with light. Strong lines interact with soft curves. Smooth steel and fine leather bring a tactile richness to every detail. The closer you come to the Z4, the more it touches you.

In my humble opinion you can easily say that no other roadster sportscar drives like a Z4

After 7 years on market the Z4 was introduced as the successor of the BMW Z3 @ the "Paris Motor Show" back in 2002. The newest two-seater went on sale in November 2002. The Z4 also known as the E85 was designed by Christopher Edward Bangle the chief of design for BMW and responsible for the lovely design across all BMW's Mini's and Rolls Royce. The Z4 has the same design of all BMW's (3-5-7 series ). It was a hole new start in the world of designing a car. Another huge difference was the rear suspension equipped with a multi-link suspension. There where BMW's Z3 started with the 4-cylinder the Z4 was launched with a straight-6 motors (2.5 or 3.0L). Later on there was the 2.2 & the 3.2 Back in 2005 the first 4-cylinder was introduced. 
A 5-speed manual gearbox was standard on all models except for the 3.0L and the M Roadster, which has a 6-speed.A Getrag 5-speed automatic are available on all cars ( except on the 2.0 ) . A sport package is also available, which adds stiffer and lower suspension, larger 18" wheels with run-flat tires ( 225/40/18 - 255/35/18 ) and DDC.( Dynamic Driving control)  
The Z4 Roadster  was introduced in 2002
The Z4 M Roadster appeared in 2005
The Z4 new Engines N46 & N52 : 2005
The Z4 2.0 : 2005 
The Z4 facelift : 2006