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Z4 INTERIORS : Roadster & Coupe

Z4 Interiors MZ4 Interiors Z4 Individual interiors

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Z4 Roadster & Z4 Coupe

Code .
  LAAB  Beige Oregon leather (extended)
  LBAB  Beige New England leather (extended)
  LASW  Black Oregon Leather
  LBSW  Black New England leather
  LBT5 Dream Red New England Leather (black int.)
  LAT5  Dream Red Oregon Leather standard seats (gray int.) or (with black int.)
  LBD3 New England Leather : New England SattelbraunM-seats
  LAPF  Pearl Gray : Oregon Leather M-sportseats
  FASW Anthracite Free Spirit cloth - Sensatec (fabric)
  AAAT  Leather / Fabric : Black Active Sports Leather - Sport Fibre
    FAE9  Montego Blue Bi-Color : Active Sports Leather - Sport Fibre (fabric )  
    . Silverstone standard seats : Bi-Color : Leather / fabric  : 
  . Maldives Blue

The above Z4 interiors show the wide spectrum of color options available for those who like their car to have a bit of a personality. If you're looking to buy a Z4 Roadster or Coupe in the near future, you should definitely take the time to think about what type of interior fabric and colors you'd prefer for your new car. And if you're feeling generous and don't know what to do with your previous vehicle, why not consider looking into a junk my car