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Z4 Edition Exclusive

Z4 Editon Sport

Z4 Maritime inspiration

Z4 Maritime interior : 


Bmw Individual Nachtblau metallic
Extended walknappa Champagne lether, console , doors etc.. 
New England (LBSW) Shining black Leather upholstery (doors) 
BMW Standard Z4 seats ,  “Sport” option M sportseats SA711
Mahogoni Maritim Individual wooden dash
Wood/leather steeringwheel
Individual doorsills
SA 423 : velvet floormats with compass label
SA 2MO : Bmw Individual alu rims 152 I , 18” or SA 787 M alu rims


Juxtaposed, one can no doubt see the maritime inspiration that helped to shape the design of the BMW Individual Z4. As you can see in the above picture, some owners have even gone as far as to take side-by-side photographs of their Z4 and yacht. You might want to consider taking your own photographs of your Z4 and your yacht to a local framing studio and having them professionally framed so they can be made into a display piece for others to see as well