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HISTORY of the BMW Z4 :  E85 Roadster & E86 Coupe

As far as i know you can easily say that no other two-seat sportscar drives like a Z4M  and that no other roadster drives like a Z4

BMW launched the Z4 roadster on 22 October 2002.The production of the new Z4 Roadster started in 2003 to replace the old Z3. In the beginning only the powerful 6-cylinder 2.5 & 3.0 models were available. The Z4 was designed by Chris Bangle & produced at BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina. BMW's newest roadster has a much stiffer chassis than his predecessor by using a more advanced multi-link rear suspension.
Just two years after the production began the 100,000th Z4 was completed and shipped to Germany (Jena , Leipzig) . It was an individual Phoenix Yellow Z4 and had also matching Phoenix Yellow/Anthracite leather interior,18 inch lightweight alloy wheels and aluminum silver interior trim.
Later on the Z4 became more attainable with the arrival of a new 2.2-litre.The production of this third Z4 roadster started in October 2003 and ended in 2005. It was replaced by the new 2.5 with less horsepower than the initial 2.5.
In 2005 the new 2.5si & 3.0si replaced the old 6-cylinder engines. The most attainable Z4 : the 2.0 also introduced in 2005 is a quite powerful car. It's power is supplied by a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre putting out 150 hp. The latest additions to the roadster family, the updated Z4 and the all-new Z4 M Roadster, began production in January 2006. Production of the Z4 Coupe and Z4 M Coupe began in April 2006.
Five-speed manual gearboxes were standard on all models except the 3.0 L and the M Roadster, which has a 6-speed getrag. 5-speed automatic are available on all cars except for the 2.0 4-cylinder . 
A Sport package is also available, with a stiffer and lower suspension, larger wheels with run-flat tires, and DDC_II (Dynamic Driving control ), BMW's stability control system.
Initially, the Z4 was available only as a roadster , but in 2006 the new coupé was officially launched.
The Z4 M Roadster and the Z4 M Coupé were introduced in 2006. They feature the (In the US) 330-horsepower 3.2 L S54B32 engine. A new six-speed manual transmission is used . It's the only transmission available and its final gear ratios are virtually the same as in the M3. The M Roadster has a 6-speed getrag manual box .Production of the BMW Z4 Coupe and M Series Z4 Coupe began 4/4/2006.
The upgraded BMW Z4 : First European Cars to Offer THX
The recently-updated BMW Z4 includes the first THX-certified sound system from any German manufacturer . Available on the Z4 Coupe and Roadster, the Premium Sound System has 10 speakers, a 7-Band Graphic Equalizer, digital ten-channel audio amplifier and digital sound processor, two sub-woofers with an output of 100 Watts located behind the seats, two woofers each developing 40 Watts at the front of the car, and six midrange loudspeakers and tweeters. Total output is 430 watts. During the certification process, THX worked with BMW engineers to analyze speaker layout and positioning, and acoustic and equipment performance in the Z4 to make sure they were optimal for distributing sound throughout the vehicle.

Up to now (2007)  the production of the BMW Z4 still continues.


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