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BMW Z4 DASH : Interior trim

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437 438 4A4 4AD 4BM 
Light Poplar Grain Wood Dark Poplar Grain Wood Aluminium Cirrus Brushed Light Aluminium Aluminium Silver Grid Graphite Finish
Carbon  Madeira Walnut 4ME Individual Maritime M-Dash 4MY Leather Individual Piano Black


 BMW INDIVIDUAL Interior Dash 

 Edelholzausführung   MAHAGONI ( wood) 

Pianolack Schwarz Pianoblack

 Dash Walknappa & Glanzleder Schwarz


CODE  Dash frame
  SA 4ML  Pianolack Schwarz
  SA 4M7  Mahagoni
    SA 4MM  Walknappa Champagne & Black
    SA4 MM  Walknappa Caramel & Black
    SA4 MM  Walknappa Amarone & Black
    SA4 MM  Walknappa Syrahblau & Black
    SA4 MM  Glanzleder Phoenix gelb / Anthrazit
    SA4 MM   Glanzleder Estorilblau dunkel / Anthrazit
    SA4 MM  Glanzleder Silverstone / Anthrazit
    SA4 MM  Glanzleder Imolarot / Anthrazit

 Steering wheels :

437 438 4A4 BMW BMW
Wood inlay M SMG Maritime Individual

The interior trim and dash can look exceptionally beautiful if cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule. Many times, though, owners neglect these areas, resulting in dust build-up, visible fingerprints, and other visible marks that detract from the overall look of these surfaces. Owners who wish to keep the inside of their BMW as stunning as the exterior may wish to hire a cleaning service to ensure that the interior dash, steering wheel, and trim are each cleaned properly and well-maintained.