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BMW Z4 Coupe : E86


The BMW Z4 Coupe E86 : Impressions by Joshua Davis. The truly exciting aspect of the Z4 Coupe’s design lies in the way that BMW has forged a unique blend of fluid surfaces and sharp lines. In a masterful touch, the panels at shoulder-line level twist and flow from horizontal to vertical and back again. Joshua Davis, one of the most radical artists of our age, has drawn inspiration from his experience of the Z4 Coupe and produced a unique set of limited edition prints : 


A Design Project at the Leading Edge” U.S. artist interprets the new BMW Z4 Coupé in computer-generated unique prints . Munich/New York. Artists love to venture along and even beyond the ragged edge, pushing the envelope as they work and progressively redefining what is possible. 
www.z4byjd.com : The BMW Z4 Coupé by JD, iInspiring automotive art 
Just a few years ago, the design of the new BMW Z4 Coupé, for example, would have been considered impossible to build , the lines too extravagant, the panels too complex to manufacture. For New York-based designer Joshua Davis, feasibility problems are familiar ground: His works originate on the computer, and to date, they have been considered too complex to print. This common ground recently triggered a spell of close collaboration between Davis and BMW – giving rise to a limited edition of unique prints inspired by the new Z4 Coupé.
Download the movie here : 42.9 mb
Production of BMW Z4 Coupé Began April 10. 2006 , built exclusively at BMW Manufacturing, the company's only U.S.manufacturing facility in Upstate South Carolina
Engines : 3.0 SI or 3.2M
Three new colors, Interlagos blue, Sepang Bronze and Imola Red,have been added to the M palette with the production of the M Roadster and M Coupé.