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Back in 2002 (22 October ) BMW launched her newest roadster , the BMW Z4 successor of the old BMW Z3 BMW began the production of the Z4 roadster in 2003. Initially the BMW Z4 was available only as a roadster , but in 2006 the new coupé was officially launched.

Up to now (2007) all BMW Z4 roadsters or Coupes were assembled @ BMW's USA plant Spartanburg in the state of South Carolina. In the beginning only the powerful 6-cylinder 2.5 & 3.0 models were available later on came the M-powered Z4 roadster & coupe and the more attainable new 2.0 litre 4-cylinder

This new Z4 was clearly designed by Chris Bangle. It’s a complete different roadster than his predecessor thanks to a much stiffer chassis . The Z4 roadster is also knowned as the E85 , the Z4 coupe as the E86

On this BMW Z4 Roadster and Coupe site you'll find more information about all the colors , engines , specifications  from all the different types of the BMW Z4 on the US & European market. Of course you'll find more about the individual car programs , individual interiors & dashboards , some great links and last but not least a Z4 roadster and Coupe picture gallery.

Finally you can surf to see our own BMW Z4 .Start with the historypages to discover more about this fabulous glorious roadster



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